Newsletter June

The 27 Juin 2019


New challenge here : enjoying a big buoy not on the water but in the trees ! Would you believe it ?


This month, SPS FILETS’ team has a new challenge. Please see this obstacle as a new flying game in the trees ! So what do you think about our Flying Buoy ? 


Newsletter May

The 28 Mai 2019



At SPS FILETS’ we are able to create a newsletter composed of two modules which have their composition in common: it is made of wood only. 



Newsletter April

The 23 Avril 2019


Spring has come ! And here is our new range of mattresses to secure your courses for the best ! An exclusive element, our foldable jump mattress: unique and easy to carry !





The 10 Avril 2019


Rope yes ! But stylish rope ! Silver is coming in our range of available color from now on !


Place your order of silver polypropylene Ø16mm available on demand !



Zoo collection special edition

The 19 Mars 2019


In the heart of zoo parks


Meeting the animals of the savanna in our forests ? Having fun with a Panda or a Koala ? It is now possible with our brand new range of Zoo obstacles ! Bring a wild and funny touch to your kids courses.

The collection is currently composed of 8 elements: the lion, the zebra, the elephant, the panda, the crocodile, the monkey, the rhino and the koala. 


You look for a different animal, aren’t you ?

Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to make the Zoo collection bigger.



Newsletter March

The 06 Mars 2019


PIKA PIKA is coming on your adventure courses for children !


Newsletter January

The 24 Janvier 2019


Host your meetings and workshops thanks to this team-building activity. 

This 3D giant puzzle shall gather several participants around this piece of work.




New catalogue 2019

The 04 Décembre 2018


New year means new identity and of course a new catalogue for SPS FILETS ! Visit our website and discover it online 


The SNEPA Congress is coming very soon !

The 14 Novembre 2018
Good news: we'll be there! For this new edition we have plenty of surprises regarding our products... But not only! Please come and visit our booth 
⏰ on 14th, 15th, 16th November 
📍 at the Club Med of Opio.

💁‍♀🙋‍♂ See you very soon!

New specialization means novelties !!

The 11 Octobre 2018


We are coming back today with new products specially designed with crimping. 




RAAPA Moscou

The 28 Septembre 2018
SPS FILETS is leading to Russia ! Sandra, Romain and Nicolas are going to meet you there at the RAAPA Conference 2019 (Ассоциация РАППА)👉🇷🇺

EAS Amsterdam

The 24 Septembre 2018
SPS FILETS will be at the EAS - IAAPA Amsterdam the 26th and 27th September ! Please feel free to contact us and wave us on site 😊✌🇳🇱

Summer time

The 18 Juillet 2018

Our staff remains at your hearing and answers to all your requests. 

Don't hesitate to fill up your imagination with the sun and come back with full of new ideas.  

Newsletter June

The 13 Juin 2018
On the program, we have game modules like no other, made of braided mesh! It's impossible to miss out on them without testing them!


Become an adventurer in May!

The 15 Mai 2018


It´s time to listen to your guts. The nice weather is back and we have plenty of ideas to improve your courses.


Newsletter April

The 10 Avril 2018

We’ve finally hit the first day of spring.


It is time to get out of hibernation mode and go outside. Luckily for you, new games are available...


Newsletter january

The 15 Janvier 2018
Teamwork and your customer loyalty are the keys to our success.
The entire SPSfilets team wishes you a Happy New Year.


Newsletter december

The 18 Décembre 2017
As we prepare to turn the page on 2017 and embark on a New Year, we would like you to discover our new multicolored balls. You can preorder them now! 


We also take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy holiday season.


Catalog 2018

The 09 Novembre 2017
Find all our new products in our 2018 catalog.



SNEPA 2018

The 06 Novembre 2017

SNEPA 2018 : 8 - 10 Nov.

Club Med de la Palmyre 

Newsletter september

The 13 Septembre 2017

Let’s start this new season, with new games, projects, exhibitions... and new co-workers !!


Newsletter july

The 07 Juillet 2017
It is now time for summer holidays, here are our latest innovations to bring innovation to your courses!

For this month of July, we propose you a new element: The Gallic challenge as well as a new module of the "Glass Series": the tightrope board "Glass"!

We wish you a good holiday and remain at your disposal for any request during the summer! 


Newsletter June

The 01 Juin 2017
SPSfilets reinvents your courses with this new high-quality collection.  This “Glass Series” is an original creation and will give you the feeling to throw yourself in a void.


The “glass” bridge and the “glass” barrel are now available and more products are to come…




Newsletter April

The 27 Avril 2017

Discover this month a brand new game, which will revive your childhood memories: the Zebulon! You will find also our fun and varied climbing holds for children.


Newsletter march

The 28 Mars 2017

We got you plenty of colors for more fun and playful games :


- Tac o Tac :  blue, yellow, red, green and orange.

- Suspended fry : pink, yellow, green and red.

- Mushroom : red, yellow and blue.

- Hanging bridge : red, green, yellow and blue.

- Standard foam protection : green and orange. 



Newsletter February

The 22 Février 2017

Discover our  latest games for even more fun courses : 


- The cradle

- Enchanted climbing wall 


Newsletter January

The 13 Janvier 2017

Discover quick our new games and tree top adventure modules:


- Pirate swing

- Walking net without knots 


Meet us in Savannah, from the 2nd till the 5th of February.


New catalog

The 23 Novembre 2016


Newsletter September

The 29 Septembre 2016

Discover quick our new games and tree top adventure modules:


- Kids Adventure Playground:  1 structure, 12 workshops, a 50 m course for children and adults! This octagonal area offers different game modules for more adventure without protection equipment! 


- Alphabet Footbridge: Want to personalize your equipment even further? Thanks this suspended bridge you can have your own signage perched in the trees: level of the course, theme of the course, name of your Adventure Park, etc...


Newsletter August

The 30 Août 2016

After the summer holidays, we invite you to discover our new products. 

- Rising zip-line.

- Your personalised equipment.


Summer Opening

The 15 Août 2016

Newsletter June

The 29 Juin 2016

Discover this month our 4 pages of new games: fun, sports or sensation…


Newsletter May

The 23 Mai 2016

This month we propose you to discover several game modules related to boats. Easy to implement, they will entertain little and bigger kids!


Newsletter april

The 27 Avril 2016

These wooden planks are a fun and educational game designed to enrich children’s knowledge by discovering the forest: animal tracks, foliage, birds, etc…


Newsletter March

The 31 Mars 2016

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website!

It is still accessible under the following address:


26th ACCT Conference & Exposition

The 28 Janvier 2016
Visit us at the 26th ACCT Conference & Exposition
Booth #310 #312 #314
At Hyatt Regency Lost Pines - TX, USA
January 28th to 31st 2016

Erca Conference 2016

The 20 Janvier 2016
We were at the ERCA Conference the 18th and 19th January at the Papendal Arnhem - Netherlands !
Thank to Erca staff for the nice organization and their mood :)

Newsletter January 2016

The 20 Janvier 2016

SPSfilets invites you to discover exclusively a range of new products and his 4th business activity.


New catalog

The 23 Décembre 2015


Happy New Year

The 21 Janvier 2015

Newsletter Spring 2014

The 21 Mai 2014

- Climbing nets without knotes

- Walking nets without knotes

- Foam protection preformed for trees

- Portable system to retract caps


Newsletter Winter 2014

The 12 Janvier 2014
The SPSFILETS team wishes you a happy 2014!

You will find in our newsletter platforms "Inovplate" a real revolution in platforms, simple and extremely fast installation, these rugged and aesthetic platforms will be a real time saver when installing them. Only 15 minutes by platform with 2 people.

You can also find our wooden stilts.


The 19 Novembre 2013
First participation of SPS Filets to IAAPA Conference in Orlando, 19 to 22 November. An event very interesting with a lof of new things.

ERCA Conference

The 04 Novembre 2013
Thanks to ERCA staff for organizing this event where we could present our know-how and meet our customers and new customers.

Home Ball

The 24 Septembre 2013

An intergenerational game

2, 4 or 6 players - Net cage 6m x 6m

Soccer way or Handball way

Yellow top pocket = 4 points
Yellow bottom pocket = 1 point
Yellow side pockets = 2 points
Red pocket = Reset score of your team

Fun and entertaining
For amusement parks, communities, camping

3 types of  Home Ball : Sealing Home Ball, Home ball cover with sand, Home ball transportable


Newsletter Summer 2013

The 24 Juillet 2013

- Spreader

- Angle Foam

- Nylon cap nuts


Newsletter Spring 2013

The 25 Avril 2013

- Rotating door

- Inclined half-pipe for Zip platforms

- Chinese Bridge

- Parrot Scale

- Scale with bars shifted