puce pucefleche Design and production for materiel of treetop adventure parks national and international, businesses and individuals.

  • Climbing net or walking net
  • Monkey Bridge
  • Wood and steel game/module sets
  • Steel furniture
  • Accessories for construction


puce pucefleche  Supply and installation of safety nets and protection nets

  • Netting men fall compliant standard EN 1263-01
  • Security nets
  • Protection net for facade
  • Bird netting, pigeon netting
  • Net firewall rubble
  • Netting avian bassin
  • Net firewall off or waste paper


puce pucefleche Temporary protection for the building and construction industry

    • Protection device for temporary roofing Standard NFP 93-355
    • Filet scaffolding
    • Containment or separation of the work area
    • Protection of floors and walls
    Railings provisional or final
    Lifeline temporary or permanentv
puce pucefleche Supply of sports materials

          • Net karting
          • Goal Soccer, basketball goal, handball goal
          • Front ball handrail
          • Net Sports