SPS Filets, sport, protection, security

With over a decade of experience of its employees, SPS Filets is a team of professionals at your service to help you in different areas:

  • Tree Climbing – TreeTop Adventures Parks

    Design and production of games: Climbing nets, Walking nets, Monkey Bridge, Suspensions Bridge, ropes and module sets
  • Construction

    Supply and installation of safety nets, equipment, temporary protection for your constructions: Safety nets, Protection nets, debris shield, net frontage, tarpaulin.
  • Sport

    Supply and installation of equipment and nets sport: Football goal, Handball goal, basketball goal, bumper ball for gofl ball, pole and nets.

The SNEPA Congress is coming very soon !
From 14/11/2018

Good news: we'll be there! For this new edition we have plenty of surprises regarding our products... But not only!

The SNEPA Congress is coming very soon !
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